Commies! Will The Party Ever End?

Commies! is a semi-cooperative 4-7 player card game where each player controls a faction in the government and your ultimate goal is to amass enough supporters to seize power and all the riches that come with it. To do this, you must either form a coalition with 1-2 other players to stomp out the traitors, or you can scheme against everyone and seize power in the vacuum.

Each plot features 5 rounds, and during each round a faction plays one card face down, usually a power card featuring boots for Bolsheviks or fists for Mensheviks. One card is swept away into the State Secrets folder to be revealed at the end of the plot and the remaining cards are simultaneously revealed. After 5 rounds are completed, the State Secrets folder is opened and all cards are resolved. If boots outnumber fists, the Bolsheviks with the plot. If fists outnumber boots, then the Mensheviks win the plot. The losers forfeit their supporters to the corresponding winners in the tableau and another plot begins.

During the rounds, players may choose to play a leader card at any time to promote a player from the Mensheviks to the Bolsheviks. You can play a leader from your faction to increase your chances of being in the winning coalition, or you can play a leader from another faction giving players the chance to ruin the counter-revolutionary plots of their friends.

Commies! 101 and Introduction Games

In this video, Mike starts off by explaining how the game is played to some new players. Afterwards we play a 5-player and a 6-player game. Check it out:

Quick Reference Sheet

CLICK HERE to download the 4-page Quick Reference Sheet that comes with the game. This packet includes instructions on gameplay, explains the victory conditions, and displays a sample tableau with explanations on what actions each player might take to secure victory.

Game Review

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FatherGeek gave Commies! their Parent Geek and Gamer Geek Approval indicating the game provides glorious entertainment for newcomers as well as seasoned gamers. They’ve done a fantastic write-up of the game–breaking down in detail each phase of the game with strategic analyses and helpful hints. Click to read the full review!