We’re posting another quick update to share dates and times for this week’s Commies! virtual playthroughs.

Thursday 14 December 9PM EST(15 Dec - 0200 GMT)
Sunday 17 December 12PM EST (17:00 GMT)

The details are the same, you can either watch the live stream on Twitch or join us to play in Tabletop Simulator.

To watch the game:
As always, you can watch our games live on Twitch. Feel free to ask us any questions about the game in chat!(UPDATE: Links Thursday’s stream and Sunday’s stream)

To play with us:
1) Join our Discord server. This is what we use for voice communication. It’s free and there’s a web-based client available.
2) You’ll also need to purchase and download Tabletop Simulator on Steam. If it’s not on sale right now, we recommend checking Greenman Gaming. They frequently offer large discounts on the game.
3) OPTIONAL: If you want to host your own games, click “Subscribe” on our workshop page here. Otherwise, simply join a server hosting the game and you’ll be ready to get the Party started!

If you’d like to see the game in action, check out a 6-player game from our previous stream. This game featured plenty of backstabbing and treachery from unscrupulous Party leaders!

Looking forward to seeing new faces and lots of fun!

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